scossa dice game

BETS and odds

If you have ever played Roulette or Craps, you will find this game very familiar.  Even if you have never gambled, it is easy to learn, and very fun to play.

  • ​Similar to Roulette, players are responsible for positioning their chips.  In the multi-player version, each player has their own colored chips.

  • žOnce bets are placed, the dealer calls “No More Bets”. 

  • žSimilar to Craps, players get a turn to be the Shooter. If a 2, 3 or 12 are rolled, the Dealer will designate the next Player in a clockwise direction at the table as the Shooter on the next round.

  • žThe dealer calls the winning number; remove all losing bets then pays out winning bets. 


  • Added to the excitement, players can wager on the Triple 7’s bet…roll three consecutive 7’s and you win! 

Sound familiar?  It is really quite simple!  In fact, some players have commented that it is “like playing Roulette with Dice.”

how to play


In nearly every casino across the globe, card table games are offered ranging from simple and fun games – such as blackjack and baccarat – to complex and strategic games – such as poker and its many variations.  However, when it comes to dice games, there is only one game – Craps – that most would categorize as complex and strategic.  

SCOSSA® is the perfect alternative to fill that vacancy for a simple and fun dice game.