scossa dice game

multiple formats

Table Game Format

Drive traffic back to those under-performing Craps Tables by resurfacing with SCOSSA®.  A simple method of upgrading to a new game that appeals to a broader demographic of gamblers.

Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) concept

We are actively seeking distribution partners to leverage our IP for Electronic Gaming Machines. Contact us for more details.

​​brick and mortar casino operators

SCOSSA® has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission as a traditional table game. It is the perfect alternative to fill that vacancy for a simple and fun dice game.

The game preserves the excitement, speed of play, and table camaraderie of craps while embracing the simplicity of roulette. It removes the intimidation factor and is an effective game to introduce new players to table games.

1. Target Demographic

  • Social and Novice Gamblers - Couples; Groups; Women
  • Roulette players
  • Any Gamblers intimidated by craps that want to play a dice game

2. Benefits for the Player

  • Simple rules to appeal to broader audience
  • New Gamblers find the game easy to learn, and very fun to play
  • Roulette or Craps players find the game very familiar and exciting 
  • Multiple wagering options – numbers, lines, ranges – to satisfy conservative to experienced gamblers
  • Table camaraderie and player participation to provide a level of excitement similar to craps


ž3. Benefits for the Casino

  • Alternative Dice Game to drive traffic to Craps tables
  • Quick pace to enable more betting decisions (80 – 85 per hour)
  • Easy game administration
  • Optional Formats and Simple Implementation